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Build The Culture

An intense desire or enthusiasm, zeal, energy, eagerness, appetite, and spirit for the Kingdom of God. 


We desire to maintain a heart for victorious transformation within community, within family, and within individuals.

Pursue The Kingdom

The reason for which motivations is done or created or for which motivation exists. 


We inspire many cultures to achieve excellence in every area of their life using biblical principles to maximize and fulfill their potential.

Impact The Nations

The engagement in an activity of seeking and finding using measures to obtain or accomplish.


We believe in collectively engaging in the act of relentlessly seeking the Kingdom of God.


We are many nations pursuing the Kingdom of God with Passion and Purpose while empowering, encouraging, enriching, and equipping the people of God around the City, the Country, and the World.


The vision of this ministry is to build people of purpose and power. This mandate is being fulfilled in everything that the ministry sets forth to do by the teaching of the uncompromised Word of God. The Purpose Church shares principles of success to empower the believer to fulfill his or her purpose. This ministry demonstrates an example of holiness, character, and integrity, with an emphasis on developing men and women with awareness and passion for the Kingdom of God. As a nondenominational multicultural ministry, we thrive on building the family, reaching the lost, embracing the hurting, and serving the community with a message of faith and compassion that impacts generations.

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