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Here at The Purpose Church, we have many areas of ministry for all ages! Take a look and see which ministry you would like to be a part of.

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1 Accord Marriage Ministry

The mission of the Marriage Ministry is to restore the sacredness of marriage by teaching couples biblical principles on maintaining a healthy relationships and develop skills that will build upon the foundation of a Christ-centered relationship. The focus is based upon empowering men and women to a deeper understanding of God’s ordained purpose for their unity.

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The Kingdom Assemblies Fellowship is a community of Christian leaders, senior clergy, and Christian organizations that centers on advancing the cause of Christ throughout the world through apostolic teamwork. Through our fellowship, members are provided with vital ministry resources, covering, and tools to enhance their spiritual life and the life of their church.

If you're interested in being a part of the Kingdom Fellowship Assemblies International


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 The Cavemen Ministry is built with purpose-driven, mighty Men of Valor focused on the development of the total man. The goal is to align men to take their position by empowering them spiritually, economically, physically, academically, and socially. 

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The sound of s.h.e

The women’s ministry of The Purpose Church focuses on spiritual growth, development, service to God and social enrichment. This is designed to focus on women of all ages to have an authentic relationship with Christ,and to be transformed for His service.

College Friends

Forever Driven is a ministry designed to address the needs and desires of young adults between the ages of 18-25 (College-age). We thrive on empowering Young Adults to become responsible leaders while equipping them with the spiritual tools needed as they embark on a new journey into adulthood.

Teen Prayer Group

HYPE is designed to address the spiritual needs of young people between the ages of 12-17 by conveying the message of Christ Jesus in a relevant and effective way to a  generation of young people that thrives off of social media and technology.

Children Embracing in Circle
Purpose KIDZ

Purpose Kidz is an enrichment environment for  youth between the ages of 4-11. Children learn about prayer, worship, and the Word of God in a structured yet creative way, such as storytelling, arts and crafts,  and music.

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