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Dr. James Farmer Jr. founded the Purpose Church, formerly known as New Jerusalem City Ministry, on March 30, 2004. Based out of Baltimore, Maryland, Dr. Farmer migrated to Orlando, FL, to plant a church to develop leaders in the workplace and the marketplace. His philosophy is “Becoming a liquid thinker from a solid thinker”. He and his wife, Pastor Lori Farmer, take pride in building the community by partnering with organizations that capitalize on supporting families in the Central Florida area.


Over the years, Dr. Farmer has been preaching the Gospel for over 25 years while traveling the country and proclaiming the Word of God. He has received multiple degrees in Religious Science, Psychology, and Pastoral Counseling during this time. Dr. Farmer strongly believes in and operates in the five-fold ministry. He has obtained revelatory knowledge of the Apostolic call and desires to build upon this knowledge by grooming upcoming leaders and pioneers in the faith. Most recently, Dr. Farmer has been elevated to the office of Bishop, serving as the right hand to the Presiding Bishop of Kingdom Fellowship Assemblies International, based out of Atlanta, GA. 


As the Bishop, Dr. Farmer oversees the Florida Region and is a forerunner for multiple churches and organizations throughout the state and surrounding areas. Under his leadership, Dr. Farmer has expanded the Purpose Church to be a place that matches the growing population of the Central Florida area. With a three-pillar focus: Build the Culture, Impact the Nations, and Pursue the Kingdom, Dr. Farmer has broken the stereotypes of the traditional clergyman. His mission is to equip, empower, enrich, and encourage God’s people spiritually, developing them educationally and exposing them culturally.

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